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        Cities From Above is a full service aerial media company. We have the capabilities to capture aerial video, 4K Ultra HD, 3D aerial video, vertical aerial photography, and oblique aerial photography. Cities From Above is now offering complete aerial packages to include Wescam 2K OR Cineflex HD, Hughes 500 Turbine Helicopter, Experienced Aerial Pilot, and Camera Operator. If you need a Turnkey Package to get your aerial video projects complete, call us to discuss our availability and our many options. Cities from above owns both a helicopter and airplane that can provide the best hourly rates and flexible scheduling. Read more about our aicraft and professional gear on the equipment page.

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Turbine Helicopter Services

Our Hughes 500 turbine helicopter is fully equipped to handle a variety of tasks. Equipped with a nose mount capable of carrying large camera systems including Spacecam, Pictorvision, Gyron, Cineflex, Ultra HD, and more. The cabin holds 3 crew members plus the pilot and can fly at speeds greater than 135 MPH. With Camera Operator, Director of Photography, and Camera System installed we have 2.5 hours flight time.MD500The four-bladed rotor system is both smooth and stable making this helicopter the perfect platform for aerial cinematography, power line patrol, aerial survey, pipeline patrol, law enforcement, photography, video, and more. Please stay tuned as we update the site with more information. Ask about our specialized mount system for heavy payload camera systems. Call our toll-free number to schedule your next helicopter project. Toll FREE 1-888-939-0277.









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